Setting a new standard for
 mobile communication security
 to keep the world safely connected.

A Vision For Our Future

Privacy and security are the cornerstone of all communications. We believe in a connected world, where individuals, businesses and governments can exchange information freely, without concerns about cybersecurity or the inconvenience of onerous security requirements.

A History of Innovation and a Focus on Security

With 40+ years history of technical innovation and advancement, DEC provides clients with efficient access to the best secure communications technology, infrastructure, and applications available.

Making Your Privacy Our Priority


DEC is a Canadian company and so fall under the jurisdiction of Canadian laws and privacy regulations.

Privacy Stance

Our infrastructure is located in jurisdictions with strong records of protecting personal privacy.

Data Stance

Our servers are privately owned and operated and are not hosted with a cloud service provided.

A Global Presence

The DEC Channel Partner Network Provides Reach Into 48+ Countries

North America

Canada, USA, Mexico

Central America

Guatemala, Belize, Caribbean

South America

Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela


Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom


Angola, Cameroon, Nigeria, Egypt, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Morocco, Sudan

Middle East

Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE

Asia Pacific

Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Hong Kong, India, Bangladesh


Australia, New Zealand

Infrastructure Partnership

Bittium (Bittium Corporation) is a Finnish company with over 35 years of experience in advanced radio communication technologies and biosignal processing.

Bittium operates in the defense and security market, and provides modern products and solutions for tactical and secure communications. The company offers proven mobile devices and cybersecurity solutions certified up to the confidential level. Bittium’s net sales in 2020 were EUR 78.4 million with an operating profit of EUR 2.1 million. The company is also listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Exchange.


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Server OS & Infrastructure

White-Labelled Secure Suite Software

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