Make privacy your priority

Losing your privacy is the one thing you can’t afford

A New Standard of Security

With DEC Secure, we make privacy a priority. DEC provides users with the ultimate private mobile platform with our cutting-edge security software. DEC is compatible with Android operating systems, enabling you to communicate and transact securely from any Android device.

DEC Secure

DEC and Bittium have an exclusive partnership to release the next generation of Bittium SafeMove, Secure Zones, Secure VPN, Secure Call, and Secure Management collectively known as “DEC Secure”. DEC’s global deployment of servers and network infrastructure, ensure efficient, secure, and reliable access to the Bittium hosted security technologies. 


Secure Call

Looking for a more secure way to communicate? Secure Call is a comprehensive solution for maximum communication security on all Android devices.

Secure call uses AES-256 end-to-end encryption and signal protection for all communication forms including: voice calls, video calls, texts messages, push-to-talk-voice messages, and burn messages.

In addition to Secure Call, the DEC Secure includes more layers of security with Secure Zone and Secure VPN.


Secure Zone

Dedicated, protected container to isolate communications application, data, and network traffic.


Secure VPN

Dedicated, Always-On encrypted IP Sec connection to DEC Servers from each Secure Zone workspace.

Bittium Tough Mobile Variants

Bittium Mobile Devices are designed for professionals with maximum security requirements. Programmed with comprehensive end-to-end mobile security, users can access ultra-secure communication technology without compromising on function or quality.

Bittium Tough Mobile 2

Dedicated, protected container to isolate communications application, data, and network traffic.

Bittium Tough Mobile 2C

Dual device with two completely isolated operating systems: Android 9 and Bittium Secure OS.

Why DEC?

DEC provides users with direct access to the highest level of security communications technology, infrastructure, and applications available.

40+ Years of Experience

40+ years of technical innovation and advancement with global presence in 48 countries.  

Strong Partnerships

DEC has partnered with Bittium and AT&T to offer you the most secure way to communicate and protect your data. 

Multiple Layers of Security

We provide multidimensional layers of protection including robust encryption, secure network, secure app, and more.

Make the first step towards a secure future today.

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