Secure Call

For a low monthly fee, DEC negates the risk of leaked or stolen sensitive information, the consequences of which could cost a fortune to resolve.

Starting from $99 USD/month

Included with a subscription to DEC Secure

How Private and Secure Do You Want To Be?

Download the DEC Secure app today from the Google Playstore and install it on any Android device then subscribe below for full access to services.

Discrete Network

Global Multi-Server Network


*When paid annually

Private Node

Private Node Network Server


*When paid annually

Individual TM2C

Private Node Network Server


*When paid annually

DEC Secure Call Encrypted Communications Application

End-to-End Encrypted

AES-256 encryption in-standing and in-motion

Ephemeral encryption keys, perfect forward secrecy

Voice calls

Conference calls

Video and Video Conference calls

Messaging and chat

Privacy Protected

Installed in separate container

Uses DEC Secure VPN

Unique Alpha-numeric Identifier

Independent Contact List

Supports message attachments (picture, audio, video, contact details)

Message auto-deletion and burn-on-read

Prevents screen capture

End-to-End Encrypted Communications

All communications are encrypted in-standing and in-motion from end-to-end with AES-256 encryption.

Voice & Video Calls

Superior audio quality that adapts to available bandwidth.

NB codec for audio, 8-16kbps.

Calls can be routed through Secure Call Server for additional anonymity and privacy protections.


No Information stored on servers except contact list.

Auto deletion of undelivered messages.

There is no way to access the messages from the server.

Conference & Group Calls

Multi-voice call or video calls up to 10 participants.

Chairperson functions: mute/unmute, disconnect, add or remove caller.

End-to-End encrypted between all parties.

Layers Upon Layers of Security

Understanding the Numbers


NOTE: The NSA uses 384-bit ECC (AES-192 for their most Top-Secret messages.

Privacy and Anonymity Protection

Anonymous sign-up. No email address or phone number.

Location tracking disabled. IP hidden by Secure Call.

Android Compatible. Not dependent on a Bittium device.

Containerization. No spying or recording via other apps.

Dedicated Secure Call container uses “Always-On” VPN.

Separate password required to access Secure Call.

Unique identifier that only allows people you share that code with to contact you.

Approve contacts before they can contact you.

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