Bittium Encrypted Tough Mobile 2 Ultra Security 64GB Dual-SIM IP67 MIL-STD-810G

Bittium Tough Mobile™ Smartphones

Get the phones giving you back your privacy

Tough Mobile™ smartphones provide the defenses needed for today’s privacy and security vulnerabilities.

Non-Google Services

Single Boot

Segmentation: Multi-Containers

Apps: DEC Enterprise App Library

$1,579 USD

Google Services

Single Boot

Segmentation: Multi-Containers

Apps: Google Playstore

$1,579 USD

Dual Boot

Public Side: Google Services

Secure Side: Bittium OS

Apps: DEC Enterprise App Library

$2,898 USD

There is no privacy when an average smartphone is present

Smartphones are packed with sensors that can listen, watch, track, and expose everything about your personal and professional life.


Mobile phones inherently vulnerable to cyberattacks due to flaws in their chipsets


Average number of days to identify a mobile data breach

Take Control of Your Privacy

Social Listening Disabled

Sensors can all be instantly turned off with the push of a button, ensuring your private conversations stay private.

Activity Tracking Blocked

All apps autonomous of each other and unable to use information that identifies you or your device track you.

Online Interception Averted

Firmware managed network connectivity ignores and blocks unrecognized cellular connections which may expose you.

Data Leakage Plugged

Device containerization protects against data leakage to a spying app, safeguarding you from inappropriate access.

Dependence on Google Eliminated

Completely disconnect from Google without any disruption to your performance or productivity expectations.

Spying Applications Blocked

Only whitelisted applications can be installed, blocking illegitimate apps from being deployed without you knowing.

Enterprise grade protection everyone deserves

Your smartphone is responsible for more than 90% of your day-to-day communication and transactions, leaving your data privacy and security more at-risk than ever.

2FA Login

Optional multi-layer authentication with a YubiKey ensures only you will be able to unlock the device.

Tamper-Proof Hardware

Receive alerts of attempts to break in, and if breached, all data will automatically be deleted.

Backup Battery

Even if your battery dies the security and tamper detection systems will continue functioning as normal.

Secure Boot and Runtime Integrity

Hardware and OS integrity checks run at start-up and during use to halt the device if a security breach is detected.

Secure Element and Die Shield

Dedicated chipset secure element stores security keys and erases all sensitive data if a device intrusion occurs.

OS Rollback Prevention

OS prevents rollback of security patches and older firmware installation that would expose security vulnerabilities.

Entire Device Data Encryption

All data in the device is AES-256 encrypted, keeping your information inaccessible from unauthorized access.

Best-in-Class Security. Premium Design.

Don’t sacrifice quality and functionality for the security you deserve.

Swipe Between Containers

With our secure container feature, swipe between separate isolated workspaces for applications, communications, and network traffic.

Dual Boot to Secure OS

The Tough Mobile™ 2C is a dual boot device, providing segmentation of your private and secure data down to the hardware level.

Privacy Button

With the push of a hardware button device microphones, cameras, Bluetooth, and other sensors can all be instantly turned off.

Multiple Programmable Buttons

Program up to 2 hardware buttons to instantly complete pre-programmed actions on the device even when the device is locked.

Ready to travel the world with you

Carrier Compatibility

Tough Mobile™ smartphones come unlocked and are compatible to be provisioned with all major cellular network providers around the world.

Dual SIM Slots

Dual SIMs within the Tough Mobile™ smartphones enables the use of a single device to simultaneously conduct personal and private activities.

Hardened device that is made to last

Strength & Durability


Constructed with Gorilla Glass technology, the Tough Mobile™ smartphones are designed to survive drops onto hard, rough surfaces.



Glove and wet usable capacitive touchscreen is designed to get wet and device will continue functioning under 1-meter of water.

Trusted Manufactoring

All Tough Mobile™ smartphones are designed and manufactured in Finland by Bittium ensuring a trusted and reliable supply chain.

Leveling up your device with

DEC Secure delivers enhanced functionality and best-in-class security enhancements to your Bittium Tough Mobile™ device including Secure Calling, Always-On VPNs, Multi-Container Functionality, and Mobile Applications Management.

A concierge is here to help

Our concierge team is ready to assist with your purchase, set-up your device, or to answer your questions.