Why you need Bittium Secure Suite

The Secure Suite is an integral component of the Bittium security eco-system, mitigating many potential attack vectors from the application layer that would otherwise bypass the hardware level protections built into Bittium Tough Mobile 2 smartphones.

What is Bittium Secure Suite?

Bittium Secure Suite is a comprehensive toolset that hardens the security and privacy at the application layer of the Bittium Tough Mobile 2 smartphone. Secure Suite delivers enhanced functionality and best-in-class security and privacy enhancements to the device.

Multi-container Feature

Secure Call

Always-On VPN

Enterprise App Library

Remote Security Management

Application Managment

How Secure Suite enhances your data security

Hardens your Device

Locks down functions of the device that will otherwise leave you exposed and vulnerable to hacking or data theft.

Protects your Privacy

Chat with confidence as communication between devices will not be exposed outside our private network.

Secures your Connection

Data coming to and leaving your device is invisible to the outside world thanks to our always on IPSec VPN.

Segments your Data

Personal and private communications and data are securely segmented without the need for multiple devices.

Blocks Unapproved Applications

Only whitelisted applications can be installed, blocking spying and tracking apps from being downloaded or activated.

What is different from what you have now?

Your device is encrypted; however, without a Secure Suite License, it will not receive access to the latest
security updates, OS releases, or any of the Bittium proprietary application layer functions.

Major ReleasesYESNO
Updates & UpgradesYESNO
Device SegmentationYESNO
Multiple WorkspacesYESNO
Secure Workspace Separate PINYESNO
Access to Global Secure Call NetworkYESNO
Unique User IdentifierYESNO
Always on VPN for WorkspacesYESNO
Security System ComplianceYESYES
Access to Enterprise App LibraryYESNO
Remote Lock & WipeYESNO
DEC Secure is the consumer branded version of Bittium’s Secure Suite

Bittium has partnered exclusively with DEC Secure to offer a hosted Bittium Secure Suite connection to consumers on a subscription basis, eliminating the requirement for a dedicated server installation.

Try DEC Secure for one-month FREE! Use promo code BittiumFreeMonth during checkout when purchasing a monthly subscription.*

*Proof of previous purchase of a Bittium Tough Mobile smartphone may be required. Not valid for account renewals.

Future OS Upgrade Requirements

android 11

An active Support & Maintenance Contract or Secure Suite license (DEC Secure) is required for all Tough Mobile smartphone Android OS upgrades in the future. Android 11 will be released in the spring and will not be available until your device is registered and activated with a Secure Suite License.

Want to subscribe to Bittium’s Secure Suite?

Buy three-months get three-months! Use promo code Bittium3Bogo during checkout when purchasing a quarterly payment subscription.*

Tough Mobile 2


*When paid annually

Secure Zones (4)

Secure Call

Secure VPN

Enterprise App Library

Remote Management

Tough Mobile 2C


*When paid annually

Secure Zones (4 + Secure OS)

Secure Call

Secure VPN

Enterprise App Library

Remote Management

*Proof of previous purchase of a Bittium Tough Mobile smartphone may be required. Not valid for account renewals.

Communications Designed for Privacy

DEC Secure Call delivers everything you expect in a secure communications application including always-on AES-256 encryption; one-on-one and group voice calls, video calls, and messaging. These are the basics.

Subscribers get access to a single global Secure Call network that can be accessed by all customers with an active subscription.

Additionally, DEC Secure has made Secure Call available to generic Android devices enabling connectivity for more than 2.4 billion Android users to the world’s most secure communications platform.

Remote Privacy Protection

Message auto-deletion, burn-on-read, and the prevention of screen captures prevents risk of inappropriate sharing.

Secure Call Routing

Calls can be routed through Secure Call server for additional IP and location anonymity and privacy protections.

Zero Access to Data

No Information regarding communications history is stored on the DEC servers and there is no way to access or intercept the messages in transit.

Keep your personal and private data separate

Tough Mobile™ Multi-container functionality enables the use of a single device to manage personal and private data separately
and securely with up to 4 seperate workspaces..

Prevents Data Leakage

Application data and network traffic from the main space and each Secure Zone is securely isolated from each other.

Dedicated Connection

Each Secure Zone has a dedicated and secure VPN connection that all applications within the Secure Zone use.

Simultaneous Activity

Secure Zones running in parallel – enables applications from different Secure Zones to be active simultaneously.

Limit your dependence on Google

The DEC Secure Enterprise App Library provides you access to all of your favorite productivity, finance, communication, and transaction applications you need without ever having to log into Google.

Mobile Application Management

Managed private application library for providing applications to the device without a connection to public clouds.

Applications Whitelist

Complete application whitelisting to stop the downloading, sideloading, or deployment of inappropriate and spying apps.

Approved Applications Only

Our concierge team has independently vetted each app in the library to validate security and privacy criteria.

Keeping you Securely and Privately Connected

We don’t just protect your data on your smartphone but ensure your web browsing, transactions, and communications are protected too.

Zero-Click VPN

Automatically connects with automated re-authentication, never allowing you to send or receive data unprotected.

Best-in-Class Security

Multi-Factor authentication, NSA Suite B – Level encryption, and certified Crypto VPN provides the most secure connection.


Cannot be accidentally or intentionally bypassed, leaving you worry free about your online privacy and security.

Remote Management of your Mobile Device

DEC Secure provides centralized, remote management of your Bittium Tough Mobile™ security features.

Device Security Policies

Admin management of over 100 different individualized Device Policy settings to mitigate attack vectors you didn’t know existed.

Remote Lock & Wipe

Remotely lock your device or send a command that deletes all data instantly, eliminating the risk of exposure due to a loss or theft.

OTA Firmware Updates

Automatic fetching and installation of updates to firmware, keeping the device up-to-date and in compliance with security policies.

Remote Attestation

Continual affirmation that the device is exactly as it was when it left the factory, any modifications will automatically lock the device.

A concierge is here to help

Our concierge team is ready to assist with your purchase, set-up your device, or to answer your questions.