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You should be worried about your smartphone

Your phone is your information vault

Your smartphone is now responsible for more than 90% of your day-to-day communication and transactions, meaning your data privacy and security is more at-risk than ever.

Your primary access to banking

Mobile phones are currently the primary source for monetary transactions. With increased usage, increased security is vital.

Your health and medical records storage

Mobile devices can now be integrated with wearable health technology. Personal data that can leak without proper safety precautions.

Your primary form for communications

Devices are regularly connecting to insecure networks. Phone calls, messages, images, and videos can fall into the hands of hackers easily.

Your beacon of location

Most apps require location services to be turned on in order to function. The privacy of your location and your movements is constantly exposed.

Make privacy your priority

Losing your privacy is the one thing you can’t afford

Your Data Security is Our Highest Priority

Secure your smartphone data and communications with DEC’s best-in-class mobile security, Secure Calling, Always-On VPNs, Multi-Container Functionality, and Mobile Applications Management.

Take Control of Your Privacy

A Bittium Tough Mobile™ Smartphone combined with DEC Secure gives you back your privacy and security.

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When combined with DEC Secure, the Bittium Tough Mobile™ 2 C has achieved Confidential level certification (NCSA-FI).

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