DEC Secure Platform

DEC Secure offers complete peace of mind when it comes to the privacy and safety of your information, giving you more time to focus on what’s really important.

Starting from just $99/month

How Private and Secure Do You Want To Be?

Download the DEC Secure app today from the Google Playstore and install it on any Android device then subscribe below for full access to services.

Discrete Network

Global Multi-Server Network


*When paid annually

Private Node

Private Node Network Server


*When paid annually

Individual TM2C

Private Node Network Server


*When paid annually

A Suite of Security Services for All Android Users

Secured Network

All traffic uses the always-on 256-AES IP Sec VPN.

Approved Only

Apps available via Enterprise App Library.

Secured Delivery

Push messaging without risks of public clouds.


Segment private apps, data, and traffic from general access.

No Data Breaches

Firmware updates delivered to devices over-the-air.

Approved Only

Access granted only to devices that have been remotely attested.

Secured Delivery

Audit trail from devices and server components with Log Server.

DEC Secure Zone

Create Multiple Workspaces to segments secure and private applications, data, and network traffic from general access.

NOTE: Multi-Container workspaces are unique to the Bittium hardware. Non-Bittium devices running Secure Suite are limited to a single container.

Enables use of classified data and services from separate organizations.

Prevents data leakage by isolating applications data and network traffic.

Switch between workspaces by swiping from the home screen.

Secure each workspace with additional passwords or PIN codes.

Up to four parallel workspaces within one device.

Containers running in parallel – enables applications from different containers to be active simultaneously.

DEC Secure Call Encrypted Communications Application

End-to-End Encrypted

AES-256 encryption in-standing and in-motion

Ephemeral encryption keys, perfect forward secrecy

Voice calls

Conference calls

Video and Video Conference calls

Messaging and chat

Privacy Protected

Installed in separate container

Uses DEC Secure VPN

Unique Alpha-numeric Identifier

Independent Contact List

Supports message attachments (picture, audio, video, contact details)

Message auto-deletion and burn-on-read

Prevents screen capture

Always Securing your Connection with an AES-256 IP Sec VPN

Zero-Click VPN

Automatically connects with automated re-authentication.

Best Network

Automatically connects to best available network based on policy.

Firewall Control

Prevents all unauthenticated and unencrypted network connections.


Seamless network roaming based on IETF Mobile IPv4.


Session persistence during breaks in network coverage.

Solid Security

Multi-Factor authentication, NSA Suite B – Level encryption and secure hotspot login.

DEC Secure Management

Mobile Device Management

Centralized, remote management of the Tough Mobile and Android security features from the server:

Remote lock & wipe

Retrieve device audit log

Wi-Fi management

Enable/disable vulnerable device functionalities

Remote policy update (push)

Application Management

Managed private application library for providing applications to the device.

Application install base kept up-to-date with new versions and security fixes.

Google or Non-Google device deployment options available.

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