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How Private and Secure Do You Want To Be?

With DEC Secure, we make privacy a priority. DEC provides users with the ultimate private mobile platform with our cutting-edge security software. DEC is compatible with Android operating systems, enabling you to communicate and transact securely from any Android device.

Download the DEC Secure app today from the Google Playstore and install it on any Android device then subscribe below for full access to services. DEC Secure comes pre-installed on all Bittium Tough Mobile 2 smartphones.

DEC Secure

Global Discrete Network

Secure Zones

Secure VPN

Secure Call


*When paid annually with Coupon Code “InkdSocial21” applied at checkout.

Secure Call

End-To-End AES-256 Encryption

Secure Messaging, Calls, Video Calls

No Service Side Storage

Included with DEC Secure


*When paid annually with Coupon Code “InkdSocial21” applied at checkout.

Variants Available

Google or Non-Google Options

Stingray Blocking

Spyware Protected

Integrated with DEC Secure*

$1,798 USD

*Subscription Required to have access to DEC Secure and the Mobile Device Management.

A Global Discrete Network Subscription

Global Network

Account is configured to connect to the Global Discrete Network.

Secure Call

Encrypted Voice Calling, Video Calling, Conference Calling, and Encrypted Messaging.

Secure Suite

Always on VPN, MDM, App Library, Log Server.


Customers can use either Bittium or BYOD Compliant Android Devices.

Private Connection

Dedicated IP that requires a registered SIM ICCID to connect.

Consumer Account

Can prepay or pay as you go with recurring billing.

DEC Secure

DEC Secure is the next generation of Bittium SafeMove, Secure Zones, Secure VPN, Secure Call, and Secure Management. Our global deployment of servers and network infrastructure, ensure efficient, secure, and reliable access to the Bittium hosted security technologies.


Secure Zone

Dedicated, protected container to isolate communications application, data, and network traffic.


Secure VPN

Dedicated, Always-On encrypted IP Sec connection to DEC Servers from each Secure Zone workspace.


Secure Call

AES-256 end-to-end encrypted messaging, voice calls, video calls, conference calls, and group video calls.

DEC Secure Call Encrypted Communications Application

End-to-End Encrypted

AES-256 encryption in-standing and in-motion

Ephemeral encryption keys, perfect forward secrecy

Voice calls

Conference calls

Video and Video Conference calls

Messaging and chat

Privacy Protected

Installed in separate container

Uses DEC Secure VPN

Unique Alpha-numeric Identifier

Independent Contact List

Supports message attachments (picture, audio, video, contact details)

Message auto-deletion and burn-on-read

Prevents screen capture

A Device Secured From The Bottom Up

Disk Encryption

All data in the device is encrypted with AES-256 encryption

Secure Element

User credentials and encryption keys stored to hardware secure element

Secure Boot

Trusted boot with hardware and software integrity validation

Die Shield Sensor

Physical intrusion and electromagnetic signal sniffing

Backup Battery

Monitoring of the device security and tamper detection


Prevents cryo/cold attacks and power glitch attacks.

Fast Wipe

User originated fast wipe of device data

OS Integrity

Non-rootable device firmware protection

Making Your Privacy Our Priority


DEC is a Canadian company and so fall under the jurisdiction of Canadian laws and privacy regulations.

Privacy Stance

Our infrastructure is located in jurisdictions with strong records of protecting personal privacy.

Data Stance

Our servers are privately owned and operated and are not hosted with a cloud service provided.